There’s a 1 in 3 Chance…

01st March 2018

…that your business smartphone will be damaged in the first year*

You’ve found the right plan for your business, all devices are up and running and your costs are known for the next year or so, right? Well for at least one third of businesses, personal accidents with smartphones are on the rise.

Recent stats show that more than 37% of business smartphone users have damaged their devices in the last 2 years. At Connect Telecom we are here to take the pain out of anything that can go wrong, that’s why we’ve developed Connect technology care. Covering your devices is a pro-active and logical step to protecting your business from unplanned future costs.

If you choose to not cover your devices, not only are you susceptible to a hefty repair fee if the worst happens, but the cost of time spent trying to find a solution is unrecoverable as well. Covering your devices allows you to plan with greater certainty and to move forward in confidence that downtime will be minimized when it comes to repairing or replacing handsets.

Connect Telecom offer a selection of technology cover options to suit all types of plans, whether it’s a single device plan or multiple devices for business.

Our Technology Care covers you for not only just accidental damage, but for loss, liquid damage, and also theft. Connect also offer an extended warranty, worldwide international cover and lightening quick 48 hours for claims processing.

To enquire about technology cover give us a call or check out our dedicated policy page. We’ll help you find a cover plan that works for you and your business.