Team Spotlight

02nd March 2018

Solomon Smith

Title: Account Manager

When did you join Connect Telecom and tell us about your day to day role?
I joined Connect as part of the Acquisition of Think Group in December. I arrange new business appointments and chase proposals to close down business.

What skills do you need for that role?
I’m not sure if having thick skin is a skill but it certainly helps. You have to be organised to juggle the proposals you have out there and keep closing them all down.
It’s also important to listen to and understand the customers’ needs. Knowing this, it’s far easier to build a proposal which ticks enough boxes for the customer to want to move forward.

What’s the most rewarding part of working for Connect Telecom?
The nature of our work is very time sensitive and so getting paperwork signed close to deadlines is often very relieving! You really get a sense with connect that every deal counts.

And the most challenging?
The aforementioned time frames! Getting a customer to agree to something is one thing. Getting them to do it before the end of a month / quarter is another!

Tell us a random fact you about yourself!
Much to everyone’s surprise, I am tee total!