Say Goodbye to Slow Internet

29th January 2018

Having a strong and reliable Internet connection definitely has to be one of the most crucial elements of maintaining a successful business in 2018. It’s safe to say things have moved forward significantly when it comes to Internet speed and reliability; What was considered ‘fast’ a couple of years ago, is considered to be painfully slow in today’s standards.

A connection that constantly drops out without warning, or one that struggles with business apps and emails can mean poor productivity and missed opportunities.

It’s baffling to hear about companies that still rely on shared bandwidth and restricted monthly usage for their businesses. Just think of the hours wasted trying to reconnect to their network, and then also reconnect with their customers! Why take the risk?

With Connect Telecom, you can take advantage of Vodafone’s Dedicated Internet Access…

Dedicated Internet Access means you can choose your own level of connection speed that suits you and your business, without having to share bandwidth. It’s a faster, more efficient and more resilient way of keeping your business connected at all times and to your own standard.

One of the best things about Vodafone’s DIA is that there’s zero restrictions on monthly usage and absolutely no additional charges for downloading large files. All of this is paired with 24-hour tech support, leaving you with a secure and reliable infrastructure.

What could this change mean for your company? It means an increase in productivity, faster responses and flawless communication with your clients. Dedicated Internet access is the way forward.

Contact Connect Telecom today and speak to one of our advisors about DIA and how it could help your business in 2018.