Review your internet connection reliability…

10th August 2018

In a digital age, being held back by slow and unreliable broadband speeds is not only frustrating but costly. Working effectively demands that you have a consistent and trustworthy connection within your workspace. So don’t settle on slow or unreliable speeds when you don’t have to.

At Connect Total Communications, we’ve tailored the most up to date, relevant, and future-proof solutions using a range of award-winning products suitable for small and large businesses alike.

Shared bandwidth and restricted usage is an outdated and flawed way for businesses to work. We provide dedicated Internet Access, meaning you can choose the optimum level of connection speed to meet your business needs. We have zero restrictions when it comes to monthly usage, and naturally we don’t sneak in additional hidden charges for downloading large files. On top of that, we make sure to have 24-hour tech support, giving you and your business an added level of support.

We’re fortunate to have Vodafone as our leading partner for business broadband, as they offer speeds up to 10 times faster than your standard UK broadband. With a faster connection, your business can take full advantage of things like cloud-based services which in-turn will improve workplace productivity, and increase the quality of service you offer.

At Connect Total Communications, one of our dedicated staff members can chat to you about your current connection as well as review your speeds, before figuring out the most effective solution for you and your business moving forward.

Can we provide your business with faster Broadband speeds?
To find out if we can, just email your business name and address to and leave the rest to us.