Connecting Your People

In today’s digital world you can do business from anywhere. And as your work practices and work places adapt to changing times, the need for unified communications has never been greater.

We’re paving the future for connectivity by bringing together the leading products capable of unifying your communications so your team can stay one step ahead.  We offer Vodafone One Net Business but if you’re a smaller business, we also have a Horizon solution that is more tailored for your needs.

One Net Business

Vodafone One Net is the UK’s first cloud-based service delivering secure and seamless integration between mobile, landline and desktop. This means that if someone calls your landline while you’re out of office, it instantly redirects to your work mobile, or to a chosen alternative.

Lets eliminate the days of missed calls and missed opportunities.“Stats show that 71% of employees say working outside of the office increases their productivity.”

Unified Communications

We offer a diverse range of products to suit different business needs, from 'One Net Business', to our new ‘ horizon’ offering. Whether it’s for a small or large business, Connect Total Communications will carefully evaluate your business goals and find the solution that works best for you.

Business Mobile

Connect Total Communications can provide your business with any mobile device. We will carefully review and evaluate your business requirements, before recommending a device that is perfectly suited to you.

As a leading Vodafone Total Communications Partner, we are best placed to recommended the most suitable Vodafone tariffs and bolt-ons for your mobile device so you can leverage them to your full potential. Alternatively we can propose O2 and EE, again based on your personal needs and preference.

“Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones.” –impactbnd

Business Broadband

We understand that having a fast and reliable internet connection and provider is key to maintaining a successful business. We’re proud to have Vodafone as our partner, with broadband speeds up to 10 times faster than standard UK broadband (ASDL) speed (7,3Mbps).

At Connect Total Communications, we’re all about finding the right solution for your business. So, if our preferred partner doesn’t suit your requirements, we’re happy to find an alternative provider that may work better for your business needs.