9 November 2018

Why move to the cloud? The benefits of One Net Business

The cloud has existed for approximately two decades and yet despite the obvious advantages to businesses large and small, a significant portion of business is still conducted ‘the old way’. Where previously, applications and programs were run on software downloaded to a physical server, the cloud allows access to various applications through the internet – but what exactly are the benefits of cloud computing?

Depending on the type and size of your business and the industry you operate in, the cloud can offer several advantages including improved communication, cost control, enhanced security and, in turn, potential business expansion. In 2018, the need for unified communications has never been greater. At Connect Total Communications, we are dedicated to providing a range of the best cutting edge products and service solutions, guaranteed to improve your business.

Our Vodafone One Net is the UK’s first cloud-based service, delivering secure and seamless integration between mobile, landline and desktop, meaning you can access files from wherever you are in the world. Cloud computing makes communication and collaboration easy. Employees and partners can share information easily and securely through a collaborative social space, which can in turn increase business interest and engagement.

In line with this, security is a key priority at Connect Total. Our cloud providers are committed to protecting your data and minimizing the risk of a breach whilst also addressing compliance requirements.

At Connect Total, we are committed to ensuring your business is at the forefront of connectivity. If you think your business can benefit from our services, feel free to contact us and we can find a solution for your company.

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