5 December 2019

A Better Way Of Working - Part 1

This is the first in a two part blog series which will look at Vodafone’s One Net offering and explore some of the benefits it can provide for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

In this first blog we will initially look at businesses with one to four employees and the One Net Anywhere solution (if your business has five or more employees make sure you read our second blog in this series regarding One Net Business).


Virtual Landlines

If you run a small business from your mobile phone you are probably well aware than some of your potential customers could be wary of dialling a strange mobile phone number and prefer to call a landline number instead. They may also be concerned about the higher cost of ringing a mobile number.

For many people a landline number is seen to be attached to a ‘real’ bricks and mortar business and thereby provides a bit more trust and comfort for the customer. On the flip side of this, many small business owners don’t like to give out their mobile phone number and run the risk of getting customer calls when they are at home or off on holiday.

With One Net Anywhere you no longer need to worry about situations like this as you will have the ability to set up a ‘Virtual Landline’ providing instant peace of mind that there is a ‘real business’ behind the scenes.

Geographic Landline Numbers

A further extension of the Virtual Landline concept is if you currently have premises in one location but are also considering opening an additional office somewhere else. Many business owners in this situation are concerned with the additional expense of setting up another office to find out there is actually no demand for their service. With One Net Anywhere many businesses have addressed this by establishing a ‘geographic’ landline number first in order to test the waters before committing to the expense of a new office.

With One Net Anywhere you can simply add your existing landline numbers (or new virtual ones) to your company’s mobile phones enabling incoming calls to be diverted as you see fit and thereby allowing your business to look more local, more professional and more responsive.

All without the expense of having to invest in a new office!

The Benefits of One Net Anywhere

Take a look below at some of the innovative features which One Net Anywhere can provide your business:

  • tickNo need for a desk phone
  • tickSeamless call features across all sites
  • tickAll voice messages can be set up in one place
  • tickEasier to manage and control costs
  • tickA Scaleable solution allowing you to add new connections as and when your business grows
  • tickOne Standard Rate
  • tickHunt groups and Call transfer facilities on both your mobiles and landlines (often the preserve of more expensive systems)
  • tickNo charges for diverting calls between mobiles and landlines
  • tickOne bill and one provider making things much more simple to control
  • tickOne easy to manage account accessible online 24/7
  • tickDedicated support team to help you at every step

If you are a small business with up to four employees then One Net Anywhere could be the solution you are looking for. By integrating a virtual landline number with your One Net Anywhere account your business should never miss a call or voicemail again.

In summary, One Net Anywhere can help business customers to:

  • mapsStay Local
    Add several geographic landlines and appear more local than you actually are.
  • growth-rocketGrow
    Stay out on the move winning new business or servicing existing customers with no need for fixed landlines, or even an office!
  • service-award Better Service
    One provider, one contract and one bill for all your calls.

To find out more about how One Net Anywhere could help your business, please click on the link below and one of our experienced business advisors will be in touch to discuss the options available to you.

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