13 January 2020

Vodafone 5G Comes To Belfast

It may still only be January, but Vodafone has been hard at work and just announced that 5G is now live in over 100 locations worldwide, including Belfast!

Vodafone also claim they now have more than double the number of installations of their nearest competitors allowing customers to avail of the very best in network speed, capacity and reliability.

This will definitely benefit users in Belfast where there has been a reported 90% uplift in mobile data usage in the last two years alone.

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The table below lists the 32 locations where 5G is already live in the UK with the promise of many more to come before the end of 2020.


Mobile Data Roaming

5G-Connect-TotalOne thing which Vodafone has always been well known for is their focus on mobile data roaming. There are currently 48 European countries where UK customers can continue to use their existing voice and data plan as if they were at home for no extra cost.

With the introduction of 5G in 68 cities across Europe, 5G customers in the UK will now have the peace of mind that they can continue to access their 5G services in these 68 cities at no extra cost.

It may be of particular interest to Northern Ireland business users who travel regularly in the Republic of Ireland that Vodafone has launched 5G in 5 cities in Ireland. The 5G locations in Ireland include Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.


It is also worth noting that Vodafone offers further add-ons which can be a great help to business users, such as their Global Roaming Plus package which, for a small fee, allows unlimited calls or data usage in an additional 104 destinations.

That's 152 global destinations where you don't have to worry about sky-high bills when you get back home!

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