15 July 2019

Business Tariffs With Unlimited Data Now Available

Following the star-studded launch of Vodafone 5G earlier this month, with Lewis Hamilton, five time winner of the Formula One Drivers' Championship, Vodafone has today made available its ground breaking range of Unlimited Data plans for business over 4G or 5G.

With customer mobile data increasing at a rate of 50% year-on-year, business feedback has shown that data allowances are limiting business in the UK.

In a move designed to allow businesses to take advantage of all that 5G technology can offer, Vodafone has today launched three Business Unlimited tariffs.

  • icon-1Business Unlimited Lite
    Ideal for small businesses requiring email and internet browsing.
  • icon-1Business Unlimited
    Perfect for professional services companies such as estate agents always on the move and requiring a range of connected apps to get their work done efficiently.
  • icon-2Business Unlimited Max
    Unlimited data and the fastest 5G speeds available and access to Vodafone's best roaming offers included.

Initially, Business Unlimited will be limited to SME companies with up to 50 employees, although this will eventually be rolled out for all businesses.


Business Add Ons

The Vodafone Business Add On portfolio will also now be available to all SME customers including:

  • One Net Anywhere
    Your virtual landline with a single contact number which looks like a landline and can put you in touch with your customers from anywhere.
  • Rapid Insurance with 4 Hour Device Replacement
    Allowing your business to continue to run smoothly despite any mishaps
    (Standard Insurance - £10 and Damage Insurance - £6)
  • Paypal Here
    A mobile payment system in your pocket with Paypal POS
    £54 one off cost
  • Device Support
    Putting you in touch with expert technical help
    £2 per month
  • Prime Contact
    Giving you priority access to experts from the Vodafone dedicated small business team
    £3 per month
  • Business Support
    Access to HR and Legal experts when you need them
    £4 per month

(All pricing excludes VAT)

Unlimited Data Now - 5G Ready

The great news is that even though Vodafone has launched the "Business Unlimited" tariffs to allow businesses to exploit all the advantages which 5G can bring, these new plans are available today over 4G or 5G - no matter where you are in the UK.

If you sign up for a Business Unlimited plan today and you are not based in one of the initial seven 5G cities, you will still have access to Unlimited data and all the benefits of your tariff.

When 5G becomes available in your area and you already have a Business Unlimited plan (and you have a 5G compatible device) you will automatically be able to take advantage of 5G and the power its high speeds and low latency can bring.

A Few Stats From Vodafone About 5G For Business

  • 60% of start ups feel that 5G will help them to compete with more established rivals
  • 56% expect 5G to change the way they run their business
  • 20% feel that 5G represents the single biggest opportunity of all current and developing technology

Who Knows What 5G Will Bring?

Some of the technology which 5G is tipped to revolutionise:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Robotics
  • Smart Buildings
  • Self Driving Cars

Whilst a lot of this new technology seems like the stuff of sci-fi, it won't be long before they become more and more a part of our everyday lives (and business). Look at how ubiquitous the humble mobile phone has become since they were first introduced in the late 80s. Who knows what 5G will bring to your business?

To find out more about our Vodafone Business Unlimited tariffs and how they can boost your business through unlimited data, please get in touch with one of our business advisers to discuss your specific requirements.

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