24 April 2018

Could Malware Attacks Put Your Mobile Data At Risk and Whats This Mean Under GDPR Regulation?

GDPR is the new General Data Protection Regulation that is coming into effect as of May 2018. This legislation dictates that companies adhere to strict procedures while collecting and storing personal data (of EU citizens).

Many are wondering how these new changes will impact the way they do business. The main change, is that any business transferring information from customers for marketing purposes will need to be prepared to delete or ‘anonymise’ these data sets.

If your business needs to store data for legitimate legal purposes, then this information needs to be separated from other systems to avoid any potential mix ups. These changes came through an increasing demand for data privacy, and a worrying increase in mobile cyber-attacks in recent years. Businesses are becoming more and more concerned that their sensitive data may fall into the wrong hands through gaps in their security.

The stats speak for themselves; in the first quarter of 2017, over 1.5 million malware attacks were on mobile devices alone (McAfeeLabs), with another report showing 20 percent of companies having their mobile devices breached without them knowing. Although mobile companies like Apple and Android have worked hard to strengthen security through their individual operating systems, the attackers continue to figure out new and more deceptive pieces of malware capable of putting companies’ data at risk.

A great way to keep your business secure along with preparing for these regulation changes, is to consider MDM (Mobile Device Management) for your devices. Mobile Device management enables your devices to be controlled, secured, and monitored within the workplace, and also remotely. The purpose of MDM is to optimise the security of mobile devices, whilst also safeguarding and protecting the network that any data has been downloaded or synced from.

At Connect Telecom, we offer several market leading MDM solutions that cover things like live tracking, remote wiping, data capping, remote on device support, and device analytics and diagnostics.
By having an appropriate MDM solution in place, you’ll feel prepared to keep on top of the new regulations.

Contact us today for advice on GDPR, and how our solutions can help you and your company evolve with the new industry changes.

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