17 October 2019

Discover One Net For Your Business

With the recent explosion in connectivity options available, managing the telecoms needs of even a small company can be quite a complex affair.

Different contracts and most probably different suppliers for a businesses landlines and broadband, plus all the different mobile phone contracts and handsets to look after, never mind all the different monthly bills coming in.

icon-one-netWith this in mind Vodafone has developed the innovative One Net service which provides a simple way for companies of all sizes to merge their mobile phones and landlines into one seamless package. One Net now makes it possible for companies to have everything in ONE place – one number (if necessary), one provider, one contract, one bill and one point of contact for dedicated support.

One Net customers also have the ability to access a wide range of features normally only available with expensive legacy systems, such as setting up hunt groups, playing music on hold and managing call diverts, call holding and call transfers. These services are usually expensive extras with traditional landline contracts but with One Net they come at no extra cost.

At Connect Total we see One Net as ONE solution allowing our customers to be more productive, more flexible and ultimately more profitable in their business.

One Net is offered to customers in 3 different packages depending on the number of employees in the business:

One Net Anywhere

icon-smbizIf you are a small business with between 5 to 9 employees One Net Anywhere is designed to take the strain out of setting up and managing your business connectivity needs and free up time to let you deal with running your business.

If you haven't organised premises yet and are relying solely on your mobile phone, one of the features provided by One Net Anywhere is a 'virtual landline'. This will provide you with a virtual landline number which will ring on your mobile if you're out and when you call back the caller display will show your landline number and not your mobile number. This is particularly popular with early stage businesses without premises or who are out on the road a lot and want to portray a more established image to their customers.

One Net Anywhere provides a whole host of additional services such as optional call menus, a virtual switchboard, geographic numbers (allowing you to portray a presence in a particular area before committing to new premises) and giving anyone in your team the ability to pick up incoming calls or voicemail if they are out of the office. It is also important to note that as you remain on the Vodafone network for theses services there are no extra call divert charges.

In terms of billing and charges, the good news is that One Net Anywhere also allows you to share minutes across all of your telephones making much more efficient use of your telecoms expenditure.

One Net Business

icon-medbizFor businesses with 10 to 499 employees, One Net Business provides a perfect way to integrate existing fixed lines and mobiles. Office 365 and Skype for Business can also be added to allow additional desktop and tablet connectivity.

One Net Business is your first step towards 'Unified Communications' and provides a secure, cloud-based system allowing your business to remain connected at all times - whether that is through fixed lines, mobile or broadband.

With an always on telephone system which all team members can answer (whether they are on the road or not!)

Managing just the one system instead of having landline, mobile and broadband contracts and bills to deal with.

With full access to systems whether an employee is in the office or out on the road, can lead to better collaboration and also increase productivity across a business owing to less 'dead time' when a person is travelling or working from home.

One Net Enterprise

icon-lrgbizIf your business employs more than 500 staff, Vodafone's One Net Enterprise solution could be the answer offering an extensive range of communication tools.

Dealing with large enterprise customers on a regular basis we know that one size doesn't fit all. We will therefore sit down with our Enterprise clients and analyse all their current usage and requirements so that we can design a bespoke solution for their connectivity needs.

One Net Enterprise, just like One Net Business, integrates your landline, mobile and broadband connections into one unified communications system no matter where your staff are located or how they are connected.

Incorporating 'Cisco Webex Teams' will allow your team to access and share files, video conference, send messages and even use virtual whiteboards no matter which device they are using. Clever thinking such as this will provide your team with a true unified experience and allow your employees to be more productive and have more time for value added work to help your business grow.

Vodafone also provide a fully supported and managed service so that your technical team have someone to talk to and discuss various aspects of One Net Enterprise to ensure you are getting the most from it at all times.

At Connect Total, we believe One Net is a major opportunity for all our customers to explore the benefits that Unified Communications can bring to their business. Whether you are considering One Net Anywhere, One Net Business or One Net Enterprise, we are excited by the additional levels of functionality and service it can bring - including cost savings, improving productivity, increasing flexibility, better communication and excellent customer service.

If you would like to find out more about Vodafone One Net at Connect Total and how it could simplify and improve your business connectivity, please click the link below.

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