3 July 2018

Connect Total Communications Continue Impressive Growth

The newly rebranded Connect Total Communications are on a mission. A mission not only to grow their workforce, but to grow their customer base, their expertise, and their product offering. And the evidence speaks for itself. From their beginnings in Belfast they have become one of the fastest growing Communications businesses in the UK, securing 7 new acquisitions in just under 18 months whilst providing over 70,000 Vodafone connections.

For Connect Total Communications, this growth strategy has involved consolidating a group of elite, high performing businesses across the IT and communications sector around the UK, with aims to position itself as the leading business at the forefront of total communications.

Connect Total Communications have made sure to stay in sync with key emerging trends, and in turn, have brought together the most innovative IT, telecoms and cloud based software solutions that provide a truly unified approach for businesses and their workforce.

Connect also offer a range of cutting-edge workflow apps, which enable business customers to transform and streamline how they work. Leading products such as Vodafone’s unified communications platform One Net Business, or ONB, allow businesses to sync their telecoms systems and create a more productive and flexible communications infrastructure, which can be entirely tailored to business needs and objectives. It’s this tailored and personal approach that made Connect’s latest acquisition an obvious choice.

The newest acquired business is Lewes-based company Think Group, led by Group Operations Director, Damon Newbold. Not only have Think Group brought with them a wealth of industry knowledge, but they have seamlessly transitioned into Connect Total Communications by sharing similar visions of the future, along with a mutual emphasis on personalised customer service. These shared principles have made the transition process a lot easier for both companies and also for previous Think Group customers, who now benefit from a strengthened service that still retains its core values of great customer service and account management.

“We both see our staff as the key to our success, as without their knowledge and dedication Think Group / Connect Total would not be where they are today. We want to strive to continue to be at the forefront of our industry, providing our customers with the latest solution and technologies for their business. We are both passionate about building long term and personal relationships with all of our customers.” – Damon Newbold

It’s this attitude to customer service that gives Connect Total Communications an edge on the competition. Ensuring that even as the company grows, that the customer experience still stays personal and bespoke to the individual client, which Damon believes is the reason for their remarkably high retention rate.

Connect Total Communications have gone from strength to strength, with word of more acquisitions and further opportunities to increase their offering in the near future. Damon believes the key to achieving their objectives is by staying on the pulse with industry changes, whilst retaining their core customer values that got them this far –

“I see a real consolidation of Telecoms / IT companies, with the ones who continue to put account management and the customer experience at the forefront being the most successful. As companies become larger like we have, we have to ensure the customer still receives that personal and bespoke approach and they don’t just become a number.”

If you think your business could benefit from a personalised and unified communications solution using the latest technology, then contact Connect Total Communications using the following info: https://www.connecttotal.co.uk/contact/

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