21 November 2019

The Christmas Bells May Be Ringing But Who Will Answer The Phone?

As a service provider we understand how important it is to ensure that you and your staff are available for your customers when they need some help and advice.

In this regard, have you thought about what your business is doing over the Christmas period in terms of your telephones and other forms of contact with your customers?

Will your phones simply ring out should a customer call when you are closed for an extended holiday period, such as Christmas, or might they leave an urgent message on an unattended voicemail when they hear just the normal generic message and think you are still open?

It is important to take the time to think through how your customers might need your help over the Christmas period and the various forms of communication they may use to try and get in touch with your business should they have an urgent requirement.

At Connect Telecom we offer our One Net customers the opportunity to create a specific holiday message on their voicemails to advise callers of the dates and times when they will be closed over the holidays and what to do should they have an urgent requirement.

This may sound like an exceedingly simple thing to do, however, in terms of customer service it can avoid a lot of heartache and angst amongst your customers.

Providing simple information like this to your customers can help to inform them when you will be available to help and could also provide special out-of-hours telephone numbers or email addresses so that their urgent requests don't lie undiscovered until you reopen in the New Year.

For some of your customers a delay could be catastrophic so make sure you give them a range of options about what to do when you are closed. We would therefore like to ask any of our customers with specific requirements this Christmas to get in touch and we will make all the necessary arrangements with your telephone system.

Merry Christmas!

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