10 September 2019

Apple iPhone 11 Launch

On Tuesday, 10 September 2019 the world's leading tech journalists gathered in the Steve Jobs Theatre to hear all about the latest iPads, Apple Watches and iPhones.

If you fancy watching all 1 hour 42 minutes of Tim Cook's Keynote Speech you can of course watch it all here...


In the meantime though, if you don't have so much time on your hands, we have a quick run down below on what to expect from the latest generation of iPhones...

The iPhone 11 Arrives

The all new iPhone 11 will start to ship on Friday, 20 September and with it comes a whole host of new features and technology to tempt you away from your current handset.

iPhone 11

A13 Bionic

As the spiritual successor to last year's iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 steps things up with the all new Apple A13 Bionic chip.

Allegedly, the most advanced chip to appear in a smartphone, ever!

Whilst last year's A12 is still renowned to be 2 years ahead of the nearest competition, the A13 takes things a step further with mind-boggling capabilities such as the ability to cope with 3 trillion processes per second. This will allow the '11' to cope with the ever increasing demands for more graphics and video processing from apps such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. 

Apple also claim that their latest chip will deliver 20% faster CPU processing speeds and 30% power efficiency leading to longer battery life for users.

Wide (& Wider) Cameras

Making full use of the upgraded chip, the iPhone 11 introduces two new camera lenses with a wide angle and ultra wide angle option allowing users the option of fitting much more into the picture even when they are quite close to the subject. 

Both cameras will also support 4k video at 60fps (frames per second).


What Exactly Is A Slofie?

Seemingly with a desire to introduce new jargon almost as much as a desire to introduce new technology, Apple did not disappoint with the introduction of the concept 'Slofie'.  Now those with a compunction to share selfies with their friends can use Apple's uprated front facing 12 MP camera to support 'Slo Motion Selfies' (Slofies for short). 

The Christmas Works Do will never be the same again!

A Clean, Crisp Display

With first rate cameras comes the need for first rate screens and once again Apple does not disappoint with its 'LCD Liquid Retina' screen delivering 326 pixels per inch allowing impressive image and video resolutions.

A Colourful Lineup

The '11' will also sport a colourful range of options with six colours available to choose from.  At launch customers will be able to choose from a range of colours including black, white, red, purple, green and yellow for their new '11' handset.




iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max

To complete the 2019 line up, Apple continued last year's trend by introducing three flagship iPhones at the same time with the 'Apple iPhone 11 Pro' and 'Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max' joining the new 'iPhone 11'.


Wide, Ultra Wide & Telephoto

Utilising the same A13 Bionic chip as the iPhone 11, one of the stand out features of the '11 Pro' is the introduction of three cameras on the rear of the device. This provides users with the choice of Wide or Ultra wide angle lenses to fit more on the screen at close range, plus a third telephoto lense to allow users to zoom in closer to their subject.

With 12MP, optical image stabilisation, 2x optical zoom and 52mm focal length the 11 Pro cameras will not disappoint.

The introduction of 'Night Mode' will also help with low light photography and delivers a most impressive quality of picture when the lighting isn't up to scratch.



It is fair to say that the video capabilities of the Pro are excellent delivering 4k video at 60fps. Coupled with the new array of cameras at your disposal the 11 Pro should meet most users video requirements.

The sheer processing power of the 11 Pro will allow video the most extreme situations and even more impressive is that with the right 'Pro' software editing on the iPhone itself will be even better.

Super Retina XDR

With all this advanced technology on hand, the '11 Pro' is worthy of a quality screen to match its capabilities.  The 11Pro's new OLED screen, whilst still delivering the same 458 pixels per inch as last year's XS Max, more than meets this task with a new screen which Apple claims is their brightest ever display with two peak levels of brightness.  One with 800nits to help when viewing the screen in sunlight and the other with 1200nits for viewing high quality HDR content.

Of course, Apple couldn't resist the opportunity to christen this new display as the OLED 'Super Retina XDR'.

Battery Life

What is quite amazing about the new Pro range is that despite all the advanced technology crammed into a relatively small space, the '11 Pro' will deliver up to 4 hours more battery life (5 hours for the 11 Pro Max) and achieve 50% of maximum charge in only 30 minutes.

Tech Specs & Comparisons

We know that it can all get very overwhelming when there is so much technology on offer so to make things easier we have a helpful overview below on what's on offer from the current Apple iPhone range.


Are The New iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Worth It?

There is no denying, the all new Apple 'iPhone 11' and 'iPhone 11 Pro/ Pro Max' represent a serious step forward in smartphone technology.

At times it is hard to believe that so much technology can actually fit into what is a relatively small space. 

Whilst the new iPhone range is both advanced and beautiful, the question still remains, is it right for your business?

At Connect Total we understand that every business is different and not every business is willing (or able) to upgrade their fleet of phones at every Apple upgrade.  With new iPhones being introduced on a yearly cycle and at quite significant costs, it would be a very tough decision to upgrade everyone in your business to an 'iPhone 11 Pro Max'.

We would therefore recommend that you look at the full range of iPhones available and decide on what is absolutely necessary.  As good as the camera is on the iPhone Pro, do your staff actually need it in their day-to-day work?

It is also true that whilst last year's XR isn't the most advanced smartphone available now it was only a year ago when it had the WOW factor for most people.  So is it now the time to consider one of the slightly older handsets for your team?

No matter your business needs, at Connect Total we can build a package around your business needs.  Whether you have a budget to work to or specific requirements for key individuals in your organisation, get in touch and our team can work out a bespoke package to suit your needs.

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