5G is closer than ever…

12th June 2018

2018 has brought with it a surge of cutting edge tech and IoT led products, along with a continued emphasis on speed and connectivity. All the while, 5th generation wireless standard (Or 5G) is said to be the mobile network capable of running such technology with ease…so what is 5G exactly? and where did it come from?

“5G isn’t simply another network upgrade but represents a “revolution” that could enable applications and services which benefit society.” – 5g.co.uk

Here’s a quick overview of where these networks originated – First-generation networks emerged in the 80’s, and were analogue (only carrying voice), the second generation came in the 90’s, along with the early stages of digital phones (capable of text and picture messages). Early noughties brought 3G which made use of video calling and mobile data. The current 4th generation is specifically designed to support higher speeds of mobile internet for things like video streaming and gaming (in sync with how people are now using mobiles).

Not surprisingly, 5G is touted to be significantly faster than its predecessors, with some saying it’ll be up to 100x faster (promising speeds in excess of 1Gb per second). This sort of power would be the equivalent of downloading a movie in Full HD in a mere matter of seconds. The same can be said for latency (lag or delay in downloads), which 5G will almost eliminate. This means we’re likely to see a lot of higher end apps being created making use of tech like VR and AR. This sort of power would not only take personal use of mobile to a new level, but will also work wonders for business users, who depend on the most reliable connection and speeds.

The official ‘go date’ has yet to be announced, but Vodafone have successfully won a substantial amount of 5G spectrum which is currently being tried and tested across the UK, along with the construction of base stations specifically designed for the 5G network, so we expect news of an official date to be released at some point in the near future.

Vodafone have also partnered up with the likes of Nokia, Ericsson and Intel to prepare its network for the transition into the new technology, a great example of strength in numbers to achieve a group goal!

The arrival of 5G will be great news for new and current Vodafone customers, who could be the first customer base to take advantage of super-fast 5G. At Connect Total Communications, we’re keeping our ears to the ground and are hugely excited to see the impact of 5G across our services.